A heartwarming story of two sisters who flourished in one womb but their fate gave them a gift of isolation.

The tale of their heart will be beautifully presented by Stage Skuare Entertainment’s students. A variety of dance styles will take your senses on a journey of emotions.

Come! feel KALAA and KRITI’s happiness, sorrow, craziness, and love!

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  • What time does the show end?

The show ends by 7.00pm

  • What language is the play in?

Mostly in English with few lines in Hindi

  • Do Stage Skuare students need a ticket to enter the auditorium?

Stage Skuare’s students who are performing at the event do not need a ticket to enter the event.

  • Can I cancel my reservations?

All sales are final. If you have any queries you wish to discuss with Stage Skuare’s office, please feel free to call us on 1800-988-9942 or email us at support@stageskuare.com

  • Will we have a lot of fun?



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May 19th, 2019

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Through Kalaa-Kriti we aim to bring all our Stage Skuare kids closer to their culture while respecting the differences in the multicultural environment.

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